How Flamingo Flocking Works

Fundraising with pink plastic flamingos

If your church, youth group, school, sports team, or charity organization is looking for a fun and profitable way to raise funds, flamingo flocking can help you reach your goals without any selling.  It’s fun for all ages and can be done with minimum time and efforts.

How flamingo flocking fundraising works…
Using a church or youth group as an example, an announcement is made to the church to raise money.

Under the cover of darkness, the youth group will visit a member of the congregation’s front yard and proceed to place twenty (20) or more flamingos all around the yard. After placing the flamingos, a ransom note is left stating that the plastic flamingos have found a home on their yard. In order to have the obnoxious pink birds removed, the “victim” must make a donation to the group’s cause. Once a donation is made, the flock finds a new home.

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